Spotlight // interior designer for hire

Welcome to our second spotlight feature! This time, we're spotlighting a spunky, chipper downtowner who'd love nothing more than to get her hands dirty and spruce up your homestead. Read on, stylish people.

1) Tell us who you are! What's your name? What part of town do you live in? What is your contribution to the creative community of Phoenix? Lindsay Michelle (L’chelle). Downtown Phoenix. I am an interior designer, and professional artist/ muralist.

Hi there!! I am L’chelle and I am a gregarious girly girl with a passion for design but who isn't scared of getting their hands dirty! :) Even before receiving my degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, I have had a LOVE for Design, Art, Computer Programming, DYI and Architecture since I was a youngster. I am an outgoing, self motivated and cheerful professional with a pleasant personality and a sense of humor to boot! My entire life has revolved around art, creativity and using the good old imagination and for most of my life, I’ve been working diligently in design to perfect my creative/ artistic knowledge and challenge my thinking within the industry. *Anything can be accomplished with a thought and some drive! :)

2) What is your education/background/experience related to your work?I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (F.I.D.M) in 2002 with an interior design degree. I teeter-totter between my full-time position as a commercial designer and lead photoshop specialist in the north valley and a part time budget conscious interior artist & ‘transformationist,’ helping my clients attain the biggest bang for their buck (*as well as coaching them on their d.i.y. projects).

I enjoy working with my clients to style their personal spaces and make their rooms POP with incredible ‘pizzazzment’ and unique wow factors!!

3) What services do you offer?
Home staging, Interior Design, artist & Muralist, and d.i.y-ing :) (*Colorizing [ie- paint, wood, tile selection], re-upholstery, manufacturing drapes, creating pillows & personalized art).

4) How can people get connected? Feel free to contact me for questions or a free consultations via: chateaulchellestudio@yahoo.com or through my blog: chateaulchelle.blogspot.com

Check out some of L'Chelle's beautiful, creative work:

Hand painted "brick wall" and "window"

DIY curtains, DIY upholstery, paint and trim by L'Chelle

Let us know if you contact L'Chelle to help make your home beautiful!

*Submissions for Spotlight Features can be directed to kara@sunshine-cupcakes.com*


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!


  2. Thanks for the shout out ladies!!