Spotlight // graphic designer for hire

Happy Monday!

Today we're spotlighting a graphic designer with such a great sense of humor and whimsy, it couldn't possibly not come out in her work. She's a jack of all trades and she plays a big role in the local creative field. Welcome to the Collective, Marissa!

1) Tell us who you are! What's your name? What part of town do you live in? What is your contribution to the creative community of Phoenix? I am Marissa Groom, a born-and-raised Arizonan. I currently live just outside downtown Phoenix, and I am the new Production Designer for the Heard Museum. 

2) What is your education/background/experience related to your work? I graduated from ASU in 2009 with a degree in Design Management. 

3) What services do you offer? Prior to working at the Heard, I did freelance work and worked for a vintage jewelry store. I am also a crafter and singer. Let me know if you need someone to fold you an origami swan or sing you some opera. 

4) How can people get connected? I am currently working full time, but feel free to contact me with any design queries and I can at least recommend you to a good colleague or talk (or text?) your ear off with random facts about Milton Glaser. If you’d like to see my work, feel free to check out www.groomcreative.com, or send me an e-mail at marissargroom@gmail.com.

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