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Today we're featuring a cheerful guy who has dedicated his days to pursuing the realm of coffee, espresso and latte art. He's inspiring because he is passionate about what he loves...and who wouldn't love a great cup of joe? I think the Phoenix Style Collective singlehandedly keeps the local coffee business in the green.

Without further ado...

1) Tell us who you are! What's your name? What part of town do you live in? What is your contribution to the creative community of Phoenix? My name is Perry Czopp. Born in Israel and brought to Arizona as a one year old; my culture and family play a huge role in my aspirations. Currently, I live in midtown Phoenix and absolutely love the vibe. It is a city that has given so much to me and that I plan to give back to in a big way. I contribute to the creative community by pushing the limits of business/entrepreneurship and more specifically the coffee trade. Many see coffee as an art manifested within a porcelain cup, especially when thinking about latte, cappuccino, or macchiato designs. I specialize in espresso and espresso based drinks which leads to an obsession with foam designs. For most, it is easy to observe my creativeness in a latte design, but I put it to use even more so behind the scenes.

2) What is your education/background/experience related to your work? Currently, I am a student at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU.  I am studying Communication and Entrepreneurship/management.  My first job in the coffee industry was when I was sixteen in an entry level Starbucks position. Here I unconsciously learned the fundamentals of the business including the common drinks and the idea of customer service. Before that, my parents bathed me in coffee culture mainly coming from the middle east. My mother never missed her morning coffee and always asked me if I needed a cup. My father was interested in the business and the art and always appreciated a good cup of joe. Finally in 2009, I started working at Urban Beans and fell in love with the trade. Ever since I have been studying the process behind the scenes of coffee growers, roasters, brewers, and profit as well as pursuing the perfect cup of coffee.

3) What services do you offer and how can people get a hold of you? My favorite service is catering events. I truly enjoy the actual making of the coffee, handing the product to the consumer, and watching their positive reaction.

I also consult coffee shops and companies; which I love to do because I get to share my knowledge, help others in their dream of owning a successful coffee bar, and further the coffee industry and education.

Another fun thing I do is providing tours of Arizona's stores, roasters, and eateries. I learned early on that everyone does coffee their own way and there is no right or wrong, it only depends on the consumers pallet. It is important to explore different tastes and preparation styles as well as the inspirations of other store owners.  The coffee business is also very friendly and welcoming and as such I like to spread the love and visit with everyone in the industry.  It is a great way to educate people on coffee and is a fun way to spend the day. 

I also train anyone interested in how to make coffee or run a bar as a barista, one on one or as a group.  

I highly encourage people interested in coffee to check out my website, thecoffeechop.com, or follow me through social media on Facebook, twitter, or instagram.

4) What are your rates?

For catering events I have a minimum fee of $350 for 50 people.

My tours have a day option for $500 or a half day for $350

For consulting as well as training I charge $75 per hour

Every customer and situation is different so in some cases my prices aren't concrete.

5) How can people get connected? 

Cell phone: (480)250-2544

Life is too short for bad coffee

Thanks for sharing your story, Perry! We can't wait to see you in action soon.

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