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Happy Monday, stylish girls and guys! 

Today, we're spotlighting a cool local girl and her unique online business - an online consignment and fashion exchange where you can sell your luxury clothing and accessories as well as purchase designer items at a serious discount. You might recognize her website from a $10 gift card included in the swag bag if you attended the AZ Blogger Conference! A huge part of our focus in the Phoenix Style Collective is showcasing our local talent, especially talent that can spread worldwide.

Say hey to Mandy from Klury.com!

1) Tell us who you are! What's your name/your business's name? What part of town do you live in? 
My name is Mandy Russell. I am the founder of Klury.com - an online luxury fashion exchange. I live in the East Valley. I couldn’t think of a better place to live! My contribution to the creative community of Phoenix is through fashion…particularly making high-end fashion available to those on any budget and reviving the fun in getting dressed every morning. After all, fashion really is a form of art!

2) What is your education/background/experience related to your work? I have always been into fashion and all things creative. I began college thinking I wanted to be an interior designer and decided to go to Auburn University in Alabama to peruse this area of study. Two years into the program, I realized I was much more passionate about business, so I transferred to ASU and studied Marketing at WP Carey and continued to feed my creativity by also pursuing a degree in Design from the Herberger Institute at ASU. My goal was to find a career that combined my hobbies, passion for business, and creativity. After a dreadful closet cleaning experience, I came up with the concept for Klury and decided this was the perfect outlet and time to create my dream job and business.

3) What services do you offer and how can people get a hold of you? We offer on online buying service to purchase gently used designer clothes, handbags, and accessories. Our site also boasts an inventory of fabulous designer pieces for up to 90% off retail. We buy everything from contemporary brands like Tory Burch & Kate Spade to high-end designers like Oscar de la Renta and Balenciaga. In the Phoenix area we have also launched a Closet Sweep service for fashionistas with 10+ designer items. We come to their home and help weed through their closet for things to resell for them or donate to local charities.

4) What are your rates? Our closet sweep service for locals is free of charge if they have 10+ designer items meeting our criteria. For those with items to sell to Klury on our Klury.com, we pay a competitive price for the items, typically more than they would receive from consignment.

5) How can people get connected? Provide your contact info - email, Twitter, blog, website, whatever you like! I always love hearing from locals! My email address is mandy@klury.com …it’s the easiest way to reach me, we’re on twitter @klurydotcom, our blog is www.klury.com/blog , website www.klury.com , Facebook.com/klurydotcom and Instagram @klurydotcom (which I am obsessed with). We're always looking to partner with bloggers!


Thank so much, Mandy! I'm off to browse...


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