Dine & Design // Liberty Market

Liberty Market is a casual dining spot in the heart of Gilbert, with industrial tables & chairs, bright, modern picnic flair furniture on the patio, and a collection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options that are incredibly difficult to choose from. From their website, "Each owner is artistic and a visual thinker. We believe in putting the same effort into the physical design of the space, objects, packaging, signage, and clothing as into the food itself."

From the menu to the atmosphere, these people know good design.

Eat: wood fired pizza or the italia tossed salad // Style: Open windows, exposed brick, modern industrial accents, royal blue highlights


  1. This is a FAVE. You can never go wrong at LM.

    1. Completely agree. I've only been once and was tempted to order everything on the menu. Decided it was wise to space it out over a few visits instead...obviously regretting that decision.

      ❤ Katherine