A Successful Launch & A Thank You

Katherine here, trying to put into words all of the excitement, happiness, and complete awe I felt after our Phoenix Style Collective Launch party at the Growop. I'm speaking for myself, but probably for our founding group too, when I say that we want to thank each and every person who came out for the event, shop that donated food, gift card or gift basket, and the family members and friends who made a point to help out in any way they could. 

We'd like to give a special shout out to our event sponsors. Luncha Libre, the gourmet food truck, was cooking up some of the most delicious quesadillas & tortas all night, and the churros were a big hit!

Brenden, from Smeeks, was the culinary mastermind behind all of the treats at the party. The PB&J cupcakes, yellow cake cupcakes with lemon meringue frosting, mixed nuts, pretzel bite sandwiches with meat & cheese and the cashew popcorn with caramel and bacon, were incredible. Each and every one of the items were homemade...we know. It's crazy. Not only that, he was our official name tag button maker for the night, AND donated to the evening's raffle.

We received amazing support from many local shops, who graciously donated to our event's raffle. A huge thank you to Annie Boomer Vintage, Apothecary, Bunky Boutique, Butter Toast, Frances, My Honey Corner, Merry May Handmade, Nostra, Smeeks, Superstition Vintage, Roosevelt Row and Vintage by Misty. We highly suggest checking all of these shops out, they are fabulous!

We hope you enjoyed the event! If you couldn't make it, or didn't fill out a contact card, we want to hear from you. If you did make it to the event, we loved having you! Link to any of your blog posts or recaps about the event in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for the shout out :) We had a wonderful time! Here's a link to our post from the event: http://wp.me/p1N3Oj-HO

    xx Adrian & Leah

  2. How fun! It looks like you guys did a fabulous job planning this event :) I'm so sad that I missed it!